Our Mission

Promoting eco-friendly tourism by changing people’s mind in choosing wind power over engine power.

 Why choose Private Yacht Charter?

At Private Yacht Charter we have consciously chosen for a fleet of sail catamarans due to the increasing need for more sustainability and eco friendly practices. The world is now warming faster than at any point in recorded history, primarily caused due to the burning of fossil fuels. It is up to us to make better decisions so please join us in choosing wind power over engine power.

We understand the benefits of a power boat or power catamaran. They are faster, you can see more in shorter time, a nice top deck, but if it is going to suck up hundreds of dollars per day in fuel, they have little future in our world today.

Let’s use the power of nature to show you around the beautiful island of St Maarten or to enjoy a day trip to Anguilla or St Barth.


"Thrilling Water Sports Adventures in Anguilla - Private Yacht Charter SXM"

No motorized watersports

We do not offer motorized watersports as these are harmful to the environment.

Less plastic

We limit plastic waste by using reusable cups and tableware.

Renewable energy

We mostly use renewable energy as all our boats are equipped with solar panels.

"Explore the Stunning Underwater World in Sint Maarten - Day Charters SXM"

Underwater wildlife

By using our sails instead of the engines, we do not disturb the living environment of our wildlife.

Less noise polution

Less noise pollution caused by the engines so you (and our wildlife) can enjoy your charter in peace.

Education & participation

Educating people on marine preservation, collecting trash from the ocean & participating in community projects.

It has been a difficult decision for our company to switch to a full fleet of sail catamarans. It’s an easy choice based on the world we are in today and the urgent need for more sustainable practices, but with this choice we also realize we loose a lot of customers. Sadly, there is still a very high demand for power boats but we hope by educating people about their choices, we’ll see a shift and increasing demand for sail boats in the near future.