We are sure you’re all wondering whether you can come to the island already. Let us tell you why you should!

Experience the island like it was 30 years ago. No mass tourists, no crowded shopping streets and the perfect time to learn more about the local culture of the island. A catastrophic event like this brings people together and you will feel the sense of community when you are walking down the streets. The locals will welcome you like never before because this is the time we love to see you come to the island and we’ll appreciate it when you do!

On our charters you will experience the same blue waters and white sand beaches. We will bring you to deserted beaches and places where we’ll have the anchorage for ourselves. Snorkeling will be with the fishes and not with packs of other tourists. Okay the coconuts might not be back in the palm trees yet but mother nature is doing an amazing job and our lush green hills are almost back to normal.

Our boat Nirvana is in excellent condition as we now spend all our time on its maintenance and cleaning. There is one advantage of having only one boat, we do not have to divide our attention on other boats leaving you with a top quality boat.

So what is stopping you? As you can see from our previous blog posts the island is ready to welcome you. There are several accommodation options, many bars and restaurants have reopened and there are several tours and activities available already to provide you with enough entertainment during your stay. And our charters should be on the top of your to do list!